THE CNMI Republican Party issued the following statement Thursday:

“Today, a month-old video was being circulated of what was a private moment and sorrowful situation for the family of the late Representative, the Honorable Ivan Alafanso Blanco.

“Grace ‘Pitu’ Sablan-Vaiagae has run a clean and positive campaign. The release of this video exploits the hurt and pain of a family at the time of their mourning. It is low, and it goes against our values and the love and respect we have among ourselves as a Pacific people.

“ ‘The passing of Ivan is still a deeply painful and stressful time in our family's life. I humbly ask for your understanding and compassion for my sister Carmen and the family,’ said Sablan Vaiagae.

“The CNMI Republican Party and the Committee to Elect Grace ‘Pitu’ Sablan-Vaiagae advise their supporters to stay on the high road by continuing to run a clean and positive campaign.

“The CNMI Republican Party is proud of Grace for being a strong, courageous woman who can shake this off and move forward. Her positivity, platform, and qualifications are what make her the best choice to fill the vacancy of the late statesman, her brother-in-law, the Honorable Ivan A. Blanco.

“She has set the standard for a clean and positive campaign built on a solid history of performance and is an integral part of an amazing slate of qualified candidates who will serve our people well in the 2022 elections.”

The special House election for Precinct 3 is set for Saturday, Oct. 16.

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