ON Wednesday, Dec. 16, the 18th  Tinian Municipal Council, during its regular session, adopted two resolutions: 18TMC-003 and 18TMC-004.

18thTMC  003 was to thank Gov. Ralph DLG Torres and the Commonwealth Ports Authority for their immediate response to the threat of Covid outbreak on Tinian and providing for emergency transportation necessary to evacuate patients needing urgent care amid the suspension of inter-island flight services.

Council Chairman Joseph E. Santos, who is also a member of the Tinian Covid 19 Task Force, said it was a great challenge for the local task force and the team was very thankful that the governor and CPA chair not  only  virtually met  with  them  and the  leadership of Tinian, but  the governor with  the CNMI task force came to Tinian by boat to make sure that the situation was contained, reducing the threat of outbreak.

Council Secretary Juanita M. Mendiola said, “I will give credit where credit is due, and in this case, there is no doubt that the governor and CPA board care for the people of Tinian as I have witnessed first-hand their deep worry  and concern over the situation. I am, and the people  of Tinian are very thankful for their quick and life-saving response.”

Council Vice Chairwoman, Thomasa P. Mendiola was off-island and was unable to virtually attend  the session.

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