(TSLF) — Mt. Carmel Cathedral’s over 30-year-old piano has been replaced with a new one, courtesy of the Tan Siu Lin Foundation.

TanHoldings chief executive officer Jerry Tan and TSL Foundation executive director Merlie Tolentino turned over the Yamaha grand piano to Bishop Ryan Jimenez, Rev. Fr. Jason Granado, Diocesan Finance Council and Shepherd’s Choir member Rose Soledad, and pianist Franco Mendoza on Wednesday.

“The piano has been on our wish list for the past several years and we would like to thank the Tan Siu Lin Foundation for granting that wish. The TSL Foundation and TanHoldings have been very supportive of our activities and projects and we hope to continue our partnership as we work together in providing services to our community,” Bishop Jimenez said.

The cathedral’s choir used the new piano last weekend during the Palm Sunday mass and will utilize the musical instrument in other activities at the church. Bishop Jimenez added that the piano will not only benefit the cathedral’s choir, but other organizations as well. He said Mt. Carmel School and Saipan Southern High School bands used to practice and perform at the cathedral and utilized the old baby piano.

“We will share this to student bands and other organizations that will have their activities at the cathedral,” Bishop Jimenez said

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