ANTONETTE Labausa set a new record during CNMI Weightlifting’s 2nd Marianas Cup on Saturday at the multi-purpose center.

Labausa, who competed in the Australian Open last year, also broke a personal best in the snatch event.

She started with 71kg which she successfully lifted and then went for 74kg in her second lift.

After two consecutive lifts, Labausa was ready to go beyond with 76kg, and she succeeded, breaking her own personal best record of 75kg on top of a perfect snatch attempt.

Labausa then tried to do the same in the clean & jerk event, lifting 91kg and then 94kg.

She aimed to break another personal best and pushed for 97kg, but unfortunately, she could not complete the jerk which meant that 94kg was her best lift in the competition. For lifting a total of 170kg, Labausa took the first place medal in the 76kg category.

“I think I did a lot better than I was expecting,” Labausa said.

She believes that her international competition experience helped her perform better. “I think it just made me, overall, more confident, and tougher mentally,” she added.

She not only participated in the 2nd Marianas Cup but she also helped train other participants.

Riella Ichiuo, another 76kg category competitor, settled for second place.

Ichiuo lifted 45kg and 48kg, but failed with 51kg in her third and final attempt in the snatch.

In the clean & jerk, she started off with 58kg and pushed for 62kg but failed in her second lift. However, she redeemed herself the second time around with a proper lift. Lifting a total weight of 110kg, she went home with the second place medal.

In the 55kg weight category, Zarinae Sapong was triumphant.

Although her first lift in the snatch — 33kg — failed,  she returned with a clean lift in her second attempt and increased it to 35kg in her third lift.

In the clean & jerk, Sapong started  with 45kg and then pushed for 49kg in her second lift. She gunned for a huge weight increase of 54kg, but she could not control the lift.

Still, she lifted a total of 84kg to claim first place in her category.

Danica Guevarra, for her part, bagged a first place medal in the 87kg weight category. She failed in her first lift of 52kg but succeeded the second time around and pushed for her best lift of 55kg in the snatch. Guevarra continued to put on more weights in the clean & jerk starting with 65kg and 70kg, but she  could not properly lift her third try of 75kg.

Nonetheless, she lifted a total weight of 125kg.

Like Labausa, Sapong and Guevarra did not just finish first place in their respective weight categories, but they also set new records in CNMI Weightlifting.

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