Rakib Hassan

Bangladesh FC's Rakib Hassan sets up the play during a Marianas Soccer League 2 game at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

THE Bangladesh Football Club won its first game in the Marianas Soccer League 2 tournament by outscoring The One Football Club 5-2 on Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

The One started aggressively, pushing the ball with every chance they saw fit and eventually breaking through Bangladesh's line of defense with Timothy Tawanpiy scoring a goal to give his team a 1-0 lead.

In the sixth minute of the game, however, Bangladesh's Rakim Hassan evened the score while team-mate Abdul Shahanewaz delivered another goal as their team snatched control 2-1.

The One tried to equalize but failed to create an opportunity to strike while Bangladesh’s Hassan managed to slip in one more goal in the 26th minute to extend his team’s lead, 3-1.

In the second half, Hassan completed a hat-trick with his third goal at the 47th minute mark while team-mate Md. Soheal Akanda provided the team's fifth goal 13 minutes later.

The One's Tawanpiy managed to squeeze in one more goal at the 67th minute mark before going down 2-5.

Matansa Football Club vs Shirley's Football Club

Matansa Football Club, which is third overall in the team standings, edged Shirley's Football Club 4-3.

It was a back-and-forth battle between both teams. Shirley's was the first to draw blood thanks to Heng Piao.

Matansa retaliated four minutes later with Miles Linden finding the back of the net to even the score 1-1.

Shirley's regained control after Jin Guang Zhi connected a goal at the 19th minute mark, but Matansa’s Juhn Tenorio drained a shot 13 minutes later to tie the game once more, 2-2.

In the second half, Matansa  grabbed the lead for the first time thanks to Linden's second goal at the 39th minute mark.

 Shirley's Guang Zhi scored at 68th minute mark via penalty kick for the third deadlock of the game, but then Matansa managed to draw a foul which allowed Zaw Moe to shoot a penalty kick that gave her team a 4-3 victory.

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