CNMI Weightlifting is pleased to announce the selection of  David Barnhouse and Antonette Labausa as coaches of the local team.

Barnhouse and Labausa are experienced athletes as well as coaches with certification from USA Weightlifting, the national governing body overseeing the sport of weightlifting in the nation.  They will serve in these positions until Dec. 2022.

With the announcement of the CNMI national coaches, the selection process for the national team will commence immediately.

Everyone interested in competing in weightlifting at the Pacific Mini Games next year must be able to fulfill the following requirements:

• S/he must be a member in good standing of CNMI Weightlifting;

• must compete in at least two local-level competitions;

•  must be at least 15 years old;

• must produce a passport and/or proof of residency at the time of weigh-in at the Pacific Mini Games; and

• must be selected to the CNMI national team.

For more information, call David Barnhouse at 789-7636 or Antonette. Labausa at 285-2286.

"I feel honored to be chosen to be a national coach,” Labausa said. “The CNMI has a lot of talented athletes who could be great with proper coaching and commitment."

When asked what she would be looking for in an athlete to represent the CNMI, she answered, "Honestly it comes down to commitment, consistency and dedication. That's all you could ask for in general. Coaching will work with people who want to get better and want to improve."

Labausa  aims to compete as well. She believes that by working with Barnhouse, they can find ways to coach their fellow weightlifters while also preparing for the Pacific Mini Games.

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