THERE are many ways to work out and stay fit by using equipment at the gym or at home. But you can also use your own bodyweight, and it’s called calisthenics.

Hana Diaz and Kimy Kim

Hana Diaz and Kimy Kim perform plyometric box jumps and depth drops during a youth fitness training session at BBJ Athletics.

According to Jerry Diaz, a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, calisthenics is resistance training that can help improve an individual’s overall physique, strength and conditioning while lowering body fat percentage.

Diaz said bodyweight training was a “big thing” in the past, and remains relevant today.

 “When individuals see me training, they will witness routines that may seem unorthodox, but actually I'm performing resistance training using my body: bear walk, crabwalk, handstands, and kickthrough primal flows with Tabata intensity,” he added.

Diaz said with calisthenics, one’s body is the only “equipment” a person will need. Which means they do not have an excuse to not workout, he added.

“You can do calisthenics at the park, on the beach or at your home,” he said.

Diaz said beginners who have never experienced a workout with gym equipment can start with simple calisthenic movements and progress as they begin to master bodyweight movements such as squats, pushups, jumps, running and rotations.

With calisthenics, Diaz said individuals lower the risk of injury.

“Hopefully, this information would encourage our youth and other community members to begin their fitness journey by using their bodyweight,” he added.

For professional fitness nutrition inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz through Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.

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