EVERYONE wants to be fit and healthy, but some believe that they don’t have enough time to exercise.

Not true, according to Gold's Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz.

“An average person, male or female, can make great progress with at least 2 to 3 hours of exercise per week,” he said.

“Just about anybody can figure out how to squeeze in 2-3 hours of exercise per week.”

 Diaz said a cardio workout is especially easy because there is no need for a gym and it will take 20 to 30 minutes only or less,  two or four days a week.

Dancing, jogging, yoga, Tabata, Pilates, and primal movement are some great ways to burn fat fast and get into shape.

If you have a busy schedule, weight training may be a bit tougher, but Diaz said planning is the key to success.

“I prefer to train first thing in the morning before going to work because I have more energy for training which will then give me a higher energy level throughout the day,” he said.

Proper nutrition is just as important as exercise.

“As for planning a healthy nutrition approach when your life is always on the go, it’s essentially easier than many might think,” Diaz said. “During my off days, I go shopping at our local stores with my family and stack my fridge with local foods that I prefer to eat.”

Diaz also recommends logging in your daily food intake in order to track consumption and prevent overeating.

When a client is interested in taking his or her fitness to the next level, Diaz will ask them several questions so he can draw up an appropriate fitness and nutrition plan as well as a schedule.

Diaz said the goal is to help his client create new habits that take into account possible interference from unforeseen scheduling conflicts. When that happens, Diaz said the client will know how to adapt and make the necessary adjustments.

“Planning your workout schedule and sticking to the plan brings you closer to reaching your fitness goals,” he added.





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