AS a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, Jerry Diaz must ensure that his exercise programs are meaningful, purposeful and effective.

He said the fitness industry has evolved and continues to evolve but the overall fitness goal remains the same: enhancing natural movement and flow.

For those interested, Diaz recommends Capoeira which is an Afro-Brazilian martial arts that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.

He said the Tahitian dance or  Ori Tahiti, the Hawaiian Hula and local dances such as the Refaluwasch  Bwai are other fun ways to stay fit.

And then there’s the Primal Kettlebell Flow which consists of bodyweight movements that resemble Capoeira, Diaz said.

As for Zumba, he said its movements resemble Hula and Ori Tahiti movements which are accessible to all ages.

Diaz likewise recommends Boxercise which is a blend of MMA and boxing movements that can help burn fat.

He noted that various mix martial arts techniques could also be incorporated into gym exercise programs.

Diaz said movement must be fun. “At the end of the day, the fitness industry follows trends that keep fitness enthusiasts motivated and invigorated. There may be new names for old training programs, but  the main goal is to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels stay active, he added.

When he takes on a new client, Diaz said he tries to learn about the person’s background.

Diaz then creates an exercise program suited to the client’s daily schedule and goals.

“It is highly important to avoid forcing clients to follow an instructor’s training style. Trainers must offer a buffet of exercises that will keep clients engaged, motivated and curious. This way they are not limited to a drill-sergeant approach, but will have the freedom to explore their movement skills with a variety of fitness programs,” he added.

For professional fitness nutrition inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz through Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.

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