BEHIND every successful athlete is a coach and without one, an athlete would not achieve greatness, said Jerry Diaz, a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer.

He also believes that understanding the coaching mindset could help an athlete.

“For coaches, it is essential to train, guide, reinforce and support our young talents as a whole, and that includes mind, body and character,” he said.

“Building these essential areas will enhance the young athlete’s talent level while ensuring continuous growth so they can be the best version of themselves,” Diaz said.

A coach must develop and create a strong relationship with his or her young talent, he added.

The young talent, in turn, must  learn how to respond well to his or her coach.

Diaz said the coach must find areas of common interest, and there should be numerous positive interactions between coach and athlete over time.

He said a good coach focuses on the growth and improvement of the young athlete.

“As a former young  player for the CNMI National Basketball Team, I realized how important it was to have a coach that could also teach us how to stay positive,” Diaz said.

Today, he is an educator of middle school students as well as a certified personal trainer at Gold’s Gym.

In addition, Diaz is the strength and conditioning coach for the CNMI national team and the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association.

Diaz said there are “so many talented and skilled young men and women in the CNMI who are enthusiastic in showcasing their talents.”

“I am honored to share my knowledge and experience with the youth,” he added. “I teach them the importance of preparation and how to trust the process as they try to achieve their fitness and life goals. I also remind them about the importance of  patience, consistency, visualizing the end result, and staying disciplined to make their dreams a reality.”

For professional fitness nutrition inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz through Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.

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