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The Middle School U14 Boys Division 400m race was held during the qualifiers of the 2020-2021 PSS All School Track & Field on Saturday at the Oleai Sports Complex.

Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

THE Middle School Boys division will have an exciting finale as each qualifying athlete from the participating schools is expected to give it his all in the 2020-2021 Public School System All School Track & Field championships which will be held next week at the Oleai Sports Complex.

For the U14 100m distance, Grace Christian Academy leads the list with three qualifying athletes: Jasper Hall (12:90), Theodore Rodgers (13:11), and Joseph Pangelinan (13:43).

 The other qualifiers are Chacha Middle School's Cristobal Dela Cruz (13:02), Mount Carmel School's Minsoo Kwon (13:31) and Dandan Middle School's Christopher Cruz(13:36).

In the 200m category, GCA’s Jasper Hall (26:79) and Joseph Pangelinan (27:95) have the best times. Also qualifying are Minsoo Kwon of MCS (28:16), DMS' Franz Abadilla (28:29), Saipan International School's Casey Chambers (28:38), and Christopher Cruz (28:52).

In the 400m distance, Jasper Hall is at the top of the standings with a time of 1:07:97 and is joined by William Lee (1:07:97), Arvin Hornejas (1:08), Peter Peng(1:08:45), Elijah Ye (1:09:14), and Tao Jin (1:09:91).

For the 800m race, the qualifiers are Agape Christian School's  Peter Peng (2:40), Nolan Ngewakl (2:40), Theodore Rodgers (2:48), Jasper Hall (2:50), Elijah Ye (2:51), Joseph Li(2:51:99),William Lee (2:52), Tao Jin (2:52), Minsoo Kwon (2:53) and Sean Park (2:55:21).

Peter Peng also leads the 1500m race with a time of 6:01:59 followed by Nolan, Ngewakl (6:09:23), Joseph Li (6:12:27), Tao Jin (6:17:03), Elijah Ye (6:17:89), Theodore Rodgers (6:18:49), Takeru Jim (6:20), William Lee (6:27:17), David Ye (6:28), and Sean Park (6:33:97).

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