JOHN Bradley and Hannah Chae, as well as other pairs, ruled their respective mixed doubles categories at the conclusion of the Saipan International School Tennis Tournament at the American Memorial Park tennis court.

Bradley and Chae's chemistry was the key to claiming the Mixed Doubles or XD 3 championship  even though they were nearly eliminated in the semifinals.

In the quarterfinals, Bradley and Chae performed well against Jack Linden and Seiyul Hong. Teamwork and quick reaction time were Bradley and Chae's biggest advantage as they covered each other’s back.

Although Linden and Hong had a few highlights of their own, it did not take long before Bradley and Chae took over with their constant offensive pressure, securing the first set 4-1.

The two remained in control in the second set using the same strategy. Linden and Hong tried to stop their opponents’ momentum, but they only won a single point before Bradley and Chae locked in a 4-1 victory to advance to the semifinals.

Their battle against Andrew Chung and Yebin Shin was the toughest for Bradley and Chae as they had to struggle through three sets.

Chung and Shin were the first to draw blood  with their aggressive play in the first set.

Chung's powerful returns forced Bradley and Chae to defend from deep, leaving several openings that resulted in their first defeat, 0-4.

But Bradley and Chae turned the tables with smart placements for a flawless victory of their own in the second set, 4-0, to force a third set.

The players fought hard in the finale that was filled with several lead exchanges. But Bradley and Chae eventually held on to the lead, en route to a 12-10 victory.

Against Daniel Nam and Seohee Lee in the finals, Bradley and Chae remained on the offensive to  bag the first set 5-4.

Nam and Lee could only stand their ground for a brief moment as Bradley and Chae got even better in the second set, winning  4-2 to earn the XD 3 title.

Other matches

Sharing the spotlight were Patrick Aquino and Lydia Tan who claimed the XD 4 title by defeating Dong Lee and Eunkyoung Lee 5-3, 4-2.

In the XD 5 category, Jeff Race and Malika Miyawaki overpowered Colin Ramsey and Grace Choi 4-1, 4-1 for the title while June Yu and Ian Chae vanquished Eamon Tang and Taher Shakir 4-1, 4-2 for the XD 12 crown.

As for the XD 18 championship, it was claimed by Cody Shimizu and Hoo Wang who outlasted Jun Wang and Maya Shimizu 4-0, 2-4, 10-8.

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