AUDREY Christley and Shuji Kuroda were the top finishers in their respective divisions at the Gecko 5000 run on Saturday.

In the Open Men's Division, the route for the 8K run started at the Last Command Post and then proceeded to Suicide Cliff and back down to the starting point through a jungle path that narrowed to nearly a one-person section.

Among the 300 participants, Kuroda  had a quick start and held onto the lead throughout the entire race. He crossed the finish line  first-overall with a time of 00:33:57.

In an interview with Variety, Kuroda said in jest, “I don't want to run anymore. Going uphill, my muscles were getting tired.”

Finishing second was Edward Dela Cruz Jr. who found the jungle route challenging.

But Dela Cruz Jr. kept his head up and continued to push forward to complete the course with a finish time of 00:38:46.

In third place was Chong Nam Lee who clocked at 00:43:48.

Women’s Division

In the 6K Open Women's Division, Audrey Christley reigned supreme, reaching the finish line with a time of 00:28:10 followed by Jenna Kong who clocked at 00:29:45 and Tanuja Edvalson at  00:29:57.

“It was a really fun race,” Christley said. “The trail and the weather were perfect.”

 She runs more for her personal health now and was surprised that she was the top woman racer. “I didn't know my time because my watch stopped at the middle of the race,” she said.

 The jungle trail was humid and nearly forced her to stop, she said. But with the aid of a friend in front of her, Christley said she was able to push through.

As for the 5K Fun Run Division, Ivan Li claimed the top spot among men with a time of 00:28:06 followed by Taiga Namai Scrogging at 00:29:18 and Peter White at 00:30:11.

Among the women, Sarka Glajchova was numero uno with a time of 00:28:40 while Jay Anne Felipe was second at 00:30:14 and Elizabeth Church placed third at 00:30:50.

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