DEREK Cutting has already made a name for himself on island with his 24-hour Latte Built Gym  in Oleai/San Jose and Kagman.

Derek Cutting

Derek Cutting

And despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he continues to reach out to the community, this time with a new program called “Coach D's Approved Healthy Meals” which will be launched this Monday.

“I started it in 2016 but never finished it due to other projects,” he said. “You may have seen the ‘Latte Built Bowl’ at The Shack or the various menu items with the Latte Built logo on the menu. Now we've teamed up with a total of 10  restaurants and have a loyalty card that can get you free stuff!”

Besides The Shack, these restaurants include Everest Kitchen, Caravan of Food, Inas Kitchen, Poki Yaki, Naked Fish, Godfather’s Bar & Grill, The Hut, Salty’s and Garapan Restaurant.

Cutting said he wants people to have a guaranteed healthy meal option at their favorite local restaurants. These are low-fat-and-carb meals that are high in protein and include vegetables.

Cutting said the meals are for everyone and not just  for gym members or fitness enthusiasts.

Moreover, the meals award patrons through a quarterly promotion. When someone eats Coach D's Approved Healthy Meal at a restaurant, s/he will receive a stamp. Once s/he obtain 10 stamps, s/he will receive a gift from Latte Built. The gift changes every quarter. For this quarter, it will be a free one-month membership at Latte Built Gym.

“This project is designed to help us small businesses by partnering and promoting one another during this economic downturn,” Cutting said. “All the restaurants have worked with me to create a healthy and delicious meal at each location. I tied it all together by creating a loyalty program that will gift the customer free stuff from Latte Built.”

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