The Last Shot/IT&E Destroyers

The Last Shot/IT&E Destroyers pose for a photo after defeating Bamboo Club 88 Str8Ball in the Tuesday Division of the SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball League at the New Bamboo Bar of Saipan Vegas.

THE Last Shot/IT&E Destroyers remain at the top of the food chain in the Tuesday Division of the Saipan Billiards Association Budweiser Open 8-Ball League after collecting their 110th win against Bamboo Club 88 Str8Ball, 8-5, on Tuesday  at the New Bamboo Bar of Saipan Vegas.

The Destroyers started strong. In the opening Singles 8-Ball match, Nolan Cultura, Jeff Garcia and Roman Rodriguez were unstoppable as they all emerged victorious against their opponents.

In the Partners 8-Ball match, Rolly Villanueva and Garcia kept the rhythm flowing to bag their team’s  fourth consecutive win.

In the second Singles 8-Ball match, Str8Ball finally snapped the Destroyers' streak with Jess Guerra and Randy David snagging two of the three rounds.

However, in the next two matches, the Destroyers notched four wins to remain in the lead.

Str8Ball claimed the final two wins of the single-round Partners 8-Ball match, but these weren’t enough to overtake the Destroyers who secured an  8-5 victory.

Arcee 9Eleven Hustlers vs Last Shot Ball Breakers

As for the Arcee 9Eleven Hustlers, they are still gunning for the top spot and are just four wins behind the Destroyers after routing the Last Shot Ball Breakers 11-2.

The Hustlers were simply unmatched. The Ball Breakers' Oliver Gragasin was the only player to notch a win in one-on-one action while Donnie Williams and Victor Formales scored their team’s only other win before the Hustlers wrapped things up.

In the other match, Bamboo MJD Marianas Water easily drowned the 9Eleven DECM Wizards, 11-2.

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