Kanoa FC

A Kanoa player dribbles past two defenders during a U15 Girls Division game of the Summer 2021 Youth League at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

KANOA Football Club 1 overwhelmed Shirley's Football Club 6-0 in the U15 Girls Division of the Summer 2021 Youth League on Saturday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Kanoa 1 was quick to pull the trigger as its players created several openings with their aggressive approach. Just three minutes into the game, they scored their first goal thanks to Kaleen Leemarvin.

Shirley's then went for the offensive, but to no avail while Kanoa 1 kept the momentum flowing as its players turned defense into offense to squeeze in three more goals in the first half.

At the 13th minute mark, Isabel Manabat became the second Kanoa 1 player to light up the scoreboard while Hope McQuay provided the third goal at the 20th minute mark. Leemarvin then sank her second goal at the 25th minute mark to give her team a comfortable 4-0 advantage.

Keeping the pressure going as they moved into the second half, the Kanoa 1 players stayed in the spotlight by notching two more goals courtesy of McQuay at the 34th  and 44th minute marks to complete the hat-trick and put her team way ahead, 6-0.

Although Shirley's players improved their defensive efforts in the second half with more successful stops, protecting their goal came at a cost as they failed to score.

Paire vs Kanoa 2

Kanoa FC 2, for its part, was not as successful as its sister team, losing to the Paire Football Club 3-8.

Paire’s players were relentless as they exploded in the first half with four consecutive goals. The ability to keep the ball moving with precision passes opened up several shot opportunities with Justidy Mizutani scoring at the very first minute of the game followed by another goal courtesy of Teneasha Diaz just three minutes later.

The barrage continued as Mary Among delivered her team’s third goal of the day at the 10th minute mark while Mizutani connected her second goal at the 15th minute mark to give Paire a commanding 4-0 lead.

 Kanoa 2 finally stopped the bleeding with Valerie Estella returning fire, but Paire’s Mizutani retaliated with her third goal at the 23rd minute mark, allowing her team to retain  the lead, 5-1.

In the second half, Kanoa 2 started to pick up the pace to find more chances to strike. Estella delivered the first goal at the 28th minute  mark but Paire  answered with three goals at the 34th, 37th and 41st minute marks thanks to Anna Dalusung, Alana Hayes and Miranda Borja.

Despite the inevitable loss, Kanoa 2’s Estella continued to push forward and was rewarded with her third goal at the 49th minute mark before her team bowed down to Paire, 3-8.

TanHoldings vs Southern United

The other team to taste victory on Saturday was the TanHoldings Football Club which outlasted the Southern United Football Club 4-2.

It was TanHoldings' strong start that decided the game as three of its four goals were made in the first half.

The varied talents of TanHoldings’ players were their biggest asset, providing them with a wide array of offensive options.

At the 4th minute, Kaye Costales drew first blood for TanHoldings while team-mates Rizza Relucio and Andrei Chavez joined in at the 6th and 8th minute marks to quickly establish control, 3-0.

Southern United had a slow start but its players eventually found their rhythm and managed to shut down TanHoldings’ attack while Pia Newakl slipped in a goal at the 13th minute mark to keep her team in the game, 1-3.

Southern United  continued to work hard in the second half, scoring its second goal at the 31st minute mark courtesy of Megan Elayda. However, the Southern United players’ inability to stay consistent was their downfall as they were silenced for the remainder of the game.

At the 40th minute mark, TanHoldings’ Chavez slipped in a goal to secure victory, 4-2. 

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