KEENON Togawa and MJ Camacho bagged the top spots in their respective Peewee divisions of the Marianas Racing Association at the Cow Town track on Sunday.

MRA Peewee riders

The Marianas Racing Association’s Peewee 1 and 2 and Mini ATV division races were held Sunday at the Cow Town track.

Photo by Joseph Chin

The Peewee 1 and 2 divisions, along with the Mini ATV division, held one racing event with Togawa of Peewee 2 division finishing first.

Jonoah Santos,  also of the Peewee 2 division, claimed the overall second place.

Third overall was Theresa Borja who also finished first in the Mini ATV division.

In fourth place overall was TJ Ferrer who  topped the Peewee 1 division, followed by Harley Susulin, fifth overall and second in the Peewee 1 division.

Zane Fujihira was sixth overall and third in the Peewee 1 division; Cassidy Vilagomez, seventh overall, fourth in Peewee 1; Bentley Koshiro, eighth overall, fifth in Peewee 1; "Baby" Joe Santos, ninth overall, sixth in Peewee 1; Melvin Reyes, 10th overall, second in Mini ATV; and Brooklyn Susulin, 11th  overall, third in Mini ATV.

In the combined Mini 1 and 2 divisions, the overall winner was MJ Camacho who also finished first in Mini 2, beating Mariana Alvarez, who was second  in Mini 2 and second overall.

She was followed by Ethan Yumul,  third overall; Devin Yumul fourth overall and first in Mini 1; and Edina Cepeda, fifth overall.

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