OVER the weekend, two CNMI weightlifters competed and won medals in the Oceania Weightlifting Senior Championships held online.

According to CNMI Weightlifting President John Davis, "To the best of my knowledge this is the first time our weightlifting athletes have competed at this level. I'm extremely proud of them and their success."

Hosted by the Oceania Weightlifting Federation, the 2021 Oceania Senior Weightlifting Championships were sanctioned by the International Weightlifting Federation.

The CNMI competed against the rest of Oceania via the internet in the Ada Gym weight room at the Oleai Sports Complex.

On Saturday, in the 81 kg category, Antonette Labausa’s best snatch was 66 kg (145.2lbs) while her best clean and jerk attempt was 91kg (200.2lbs) for a total of 157 kg (345.4lbs).

Her performance earned her a gold medal.

Labausa competed against  Salome Manumua of Tonga who recorded a snatch of 67 followed by a clean & jerk of 80 for a total weight of 147.

The following day, Sunday, David Barnhouse competed in the 109+ kg category with a snatch of 110 kg (242lbs) followed by a clean and jerk of 145 kg (319lbs) for a total weight of 255 kg (561lbs) which was good enough for a silver medal.

The other competitor was Nanai Suamili from Australia who took the gold medal with a snatch of 153kg and clean & jerk of 200 for a total of 353kg.

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