Macaranas said he has been a huge fan of motocross since he was a child. Thanks to the MRA, he finally experienced what an actual race was like. “I love the adrenaline rush and the jumps — it's really addictive. It honestly makes you want to keep riding and coming back every week just to ride,” the novice rider said. 

The sport is physically demanding, but Macaranas said he appreciates the MRA and its members’ love for motocross. “I love how the MRA family shows big love and support for each and every rider…it’s all one love,” he added.

Keone Macaranas is a fan of motocross

Keone Macaranas, right, takes the lead during an exhibition race at the Kan Pacific course on SundayPhoto by James F. Sablan Jr.

Keone Macaranas is a fan of motocross

Keone Macaranas makes his way toward a turn during an exhibition race at the Kan Pacific course on Sunday. Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

He likewise appreciates the love and support he gets from his family. “Motocross is not just riding. It’s a lot of hard work even just setting up. So lots of love goes out especially to my wife Alyssa who puts up with all the expenses, the crashes, and all the late nights when I’ve to stay up just to keep my bike maintained and ready for the next race. My son Kale, who is also an MRA rider, looks up to me and keeps the love for the sport running in the family.”

Macaranas said, “Riding on an actual track is a lot of fun when you have the love and determination for the sport.”

There are some bumps and bruises along the way, but “I've also crashed a lot on a dirt bike when I was younger, and the funny thing is that every time I crashed, I got a little better. It’s all trial and error when you’re riding, especially on the track. I'm just glad that I’m always wearing proper safety gear. I wouldn't recommend riding without the required safety gear — even if you're just riding slow.”

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