Unconsciously, you may only be doing something in your game that is not right, and such can be easily fixed. For instance, your mind is not in the game at hand because you forgot your favorite wrist band.   Check the following and see what aspects are causing you undue frustration.

  1. Your mental composure. Do you enjoy long rallies? Do you stay focus on important point? Do you dislike noise? If you are ahead 40 love, do you still lose the point? Remember: Tennis is 65 percent mental and 35 percent physical.
  2. Your dream. Are your realistic about it? Do you take your dream to segments? For instance, do you dream first of winning the first round consistently. Then the second, the third until you reach the championship? Remember: Build a dream that can come true.
  3. Your game level. Has someone calibrated your game level and the division event you fit in? Do you have Tennis Identification Number? Remember: Join the league where you belong and have fun.
  4. Your competition. Do you pay attention to the skills of other players? Do you listen to their stories of losing? Do you jot down notes regarding their court movement (fast or slow poke)? Their physiological attributes (bowlegged, flat footed, or knee knockers)? Their strength and weakness on the court? Remember: Winners do what it takes to win.
  5. Your tournament habit. Do you arrive ahead of your play time? Do you keep list of things you will need in your match? Do you give tournament officials the proper respect? Do you feel relax and give smile to everybody? Remember: Things that start well end well.
  6. Your court emotion. Do you easily get upset on close calls? Do you lack patience on game delay? Are you prone to losing control of your temper at the drop of a needle? Are you a sour loser? Remember: It costs nothing to be a nice person.
  7. Your dress code. Do you wear tennis apparel every time you get on the court? Do your shoes match your short, shirt and tennis racket? Do you look neat and cool in your court attire, particularly in a very important match? Remember:  Good sartorial taste exudes confidence and commands admiration. 
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