According to them, by understanding how the brain affects each golf action, golfer’s mental lapses and mental blocks can be overcome, and use their head to improve their game. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the book.

Preferred Lies | Golf is on my mind

From penthouse to dog house. This is very common mistake. After the golfer scored a birdie, the next hole is often a “disaster” one. The root of this error is that he forgot to reset his swing clock, and to perform his pre-shot routine. Because of excitement, he fell into a new state of mind of aggression. And guess what? His tee shot hit the trees.

Nemesis hole. Every time a golfer reaches this hole, he either hits the ball to the forest or water. The cause of this mistake is because he allows the “lifeless” hole beats his brain. He can turn the table around by overplaying that hole in the driving range until the brain is on the driver seat again.

Poor processing. The cause of over hitting the green or putting past the hole by 4 feet is often due to the poor process the golfer gives to the shot.  Before anything else, he must  check the lie, the wind, and the right club for the distance, visualize the shot, and execute. A well processed execution will always produce good result.  

Try new territories. Some golfers underperform, if they are taken out from their territory. This is noticeable, particularly in a tournament. These golfers immediately convert into new personalities.  Their A game suddenly go berserk. This is a complete turn- around of their image from their regular foursome that is used to their low round of 70s.

The KISS idea. Keep it simple Sam. The reason why there are more teachers than players in golf is because of the complicated approach the former applies to golf teaching. The top 100 teachers in America teach differently. Swinging a golf club is like a pendulum. Check the club where it bottom outs and put the golf ball there. Understanding this concept, any golfer will never miss a shot every time he hits one.

The Arithmetic game. The good thing about the course that weekend golfers play is that it has never changed. So planning to hit a good score is as easy as ABC to any golfer.  Just little application of addition and subtraction and any golfer will always go home happy. For instance, take a 375 yards par 4 hole. Hit the tee shot with a 5-wood. Do it with the  5 iron on the second. And hit the green with the pitching wedge or sand wedge. Putt the ball in two. And Bogey. What is wrong with that?

Distance issue. All golfers want to hit the ball long. Who doesn’t?  So when golfers start to lose distance because of age, their immediate attention turns to their golf clubs and swing mechanics. This in most cases is not the solution. They are maybe in their muscles. Dr.Wiren suggests instead, particularly to golfers growing older, to make a resolve to spend more time exercising to keep them fit. “You don’t stop exercising because you get old. You get old because you stop exercising.” 

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