Pete Sablan

Man Amigos' Pete Sablan catches a grounder during a Belau Amateur Softball League at the Dandan baseball field on Sunday.

Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

THE Man Amigos are still the number one team in the Belau Amateur Softball League after notching their sixth straight win Sunday at the Dandan baseball field.

Their opponent was Angkaur which drew first blood in the first inning, thanks to John who connected a triple which triggered an error on Man Amigos’ end, handing John the opportunity to touch home plate for  a 1-0 advantage.

Things continued to go in Angkaur's favor in the second inning with another single run courtesy of Darwin who earned an RBI single and allowed Mike to run home for a two-point lead.

However, the Man Amigos quickly bounced back as Pete Sablan broke the ice with a single followed by Jeff C. and Fuji S who loaded the bases. Alvin T. then made the best of the situation as he connected a single through midfield which forced an Angkaur error, allowing Pete Sablan in, who was then followed by Jeff C. and Fuji S. after Alvin’s two RBIs.

The Man Amigos were now in the lead, 3-2.

In the third inning, they exploded with  a total of 10 runs. Manny got the party started with a two-run homer followed by Alvin and Jeff C.’s earning RBI doubles and four more runs after an Angkaur error.

When the smoke cleared, the Man Amigos were leading 13-2.

Angkaur tried to stay alive with two runs in the fourth inning but Man Amigos scored four more runs in the fourth and fifth innings for a 17-4 blowout victory.

In the other match of the day, Asahi edged IPI Masters in a nail-biting battle, 6-5.

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