THE Man Amigos bested PeLeLiu, 20-15, in the first game of their best-of-three Belau Amateur Softball League championship series Sunday at the Dandan baseball field.

It was a true championship game as both teams came out swinging.

In the opening inning, the Man Amigos displayed great defensive skills by quickly notching two outs with the first two at bat.

However, PeLeLiu’s Mark and George broke the silence and filled the bases while the next batter, Cartfield (not Garfield as earlier reported), connected a homerun that brought home Mark and George, along with Cartfield, for two RBIs and a 3-0 lead.

Despite PeLeLiu's strong start, the Man Amigos took over the game at the bottom of the first inning as Eric, Pete and Manny each contributed a homerun to quickly tie the score while four more runs were added by Mario, Mark, Bill and Jeff to give their team a  7-3 advantage.

The Man Amigos then shut down PeLeLiu's offense in the next inning while adding five more runs highlighted by Mario's three-run homer for a 12-3 lead.

But PeLeLiu managed to get back onto the scoreboard during the third and fourth innings by squeezing in three runs.

The Man Amigos, however, continued to solidify their control with more hits. Eric, Pete and Mario each scored their second homerun and were joined by three of their team-mates who also rounded the bases for a total of six runs and a commanding 18-6 lead.

With only three innings left, PeLeLiu had to achieve the impossible and its players nearly pulled it off.

At the top of the fifth inning, PeLeLiu’s John connected a three-run homer that was followed by another three-run homer courtesy of Ben at the top of the sixth to cut the Man Amigos’ lead, 12-20.

PeLeLiu managed to keep the momentum burning in the seventh and final inning with more homeruns delivered by James and Mark, but the Man Amigos’ defense finally ended the PeLeLiu rally en route to a 20-15 victory and the lead in the championship series.

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