1 Kasidee Villagomez

Kasidee Villagomez makes her way over a bump.

2 Keoni Rosario, Zane Fujihira

Keoni Rosario slips past Zane Fujihira.

3 TJ Ferrer

TJ Ferrer makes his way around a turn.

4 Jonoah Santos 1st

Jonoah Santos leans for a turn as he leads the race. 

5 Ezekiel Camacho finish

Ezekiel Camacho gets air as he completes a lap.

6 Mayor Apatang

Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang holds the starting line as the Peewee 1 riders get ready for the race.

7 pastor blessing

Deacon Tony Yarobwemal blesses the riders and the track.

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