Joshua Abragan

MP United’s Joshua Abragan sets up the play during a Division A game of the Men's M-League Spring 2021 at the NMI Soccer Training Center on Sunday.

NMIFA Facebook photo

MP United Football Club ended the TanHoldings Football Club's winning streak in the Men's M-League Spring 2021 on Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

MPU had a plan and its players stuck to it as they kept TanHoldings away from any clear shots. On the offensive end, the MPU players maintained a steady pace as they gradually wore down THFC. After several attempts, MPU finally scored its first goal which came at the 22nd minute mark courtesy of Kuu Nishimura.

THFC tried to return the favor but failed to even the score throughout the rest of the first half.

The back and forth battle between the teams filled most of the second half, but MPU thrived in the heat, squeezing in another goal at the 73rd minute mark thanks to Sunjoon Tenorio.

With THFC unable to answer within the remaining minutes, MPU clinched victory, 2-0.

U18 Team B vs Paire

The U18 Team B, for its part, edged Paire Football Club 5-4.

As soon as the U18 Team B players gathered enough momentum, their scoring spree followed.

Kaden Church started the assault at the 17th minute mark, drawing a foul and earning a penalty kick two minutes later as he found the back of the net to contribute the first two goals of his team. Reginald Pascual and Chad Escaner then chipped in a goal each at the 20th and 25th minute marks to stretch the gap, 4-0.

The second half was Paire FC's time to shine as its players started to cook up a comeback. Jireh Yobech fed his team's fire with its first goal at the 42nd minute mark, but U18 Team B's Ariel Narvaez Jr. sank his team’s fifth goal at the 58th minute mark to stay ahead, 5-1.

The Paire players fought hard and were rewarded for their efforts when Eric Barajas and Ajani Burrell drained a total of three goals. However, they did not have enough firepower to force a draw within the time limit, allowing the U18 Team B to claim victory, 5-4.

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