THE Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee held its initial meeting Tuesday at the newly renovated Ada gym to discuss the  main priorities as the CNMI prepares for the hosting of the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee

Members of the Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee held their first meeting of 2021  at the Ada gym on Tuesday.

Photo by  James F. Sablan Jr.

Pacific Games Council chief executive officer Andrew Minogue joined the meeting virtually.

Chaired by Rep. Marco Peter, the committee agreed to appoint a Pacific Mini Games chief executive officer who will oversee the preparations on a daily basis.

Minogue advised the committee to come up with a job description for the position, adding that it is “best” to hire local or someone from the neighboring island of Guam.

The Pacific Games Council at the same time is providing $20,000 in seed money to hire a CEO.

Minogue said the committee should also find ways to raise money and/or sponsors.

He then shared previous host countries' perspectives on acquiring sponsorships.

The budget has been reduced to $3 million from $8 million because only six sports programs are available at the moment.

 But the games committee is still hoping to find ways to include weightlifting and tennis. This will require more funding.

Another issue discussed during the meeting is the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the need to ensure the health and safety of everyone by working closely with the Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force.

Moreover, committee member noted that due to the limited flights and accommodations, there is a need to coordinate with airlines and hotels.

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