(Press Release) —  Gold's Gym Saipan’s mission is to help people achieve their potential through fitness.  One motivator is the Gold’s Gym Challenge that began earlier this year in March. 

Gold’s Gym Saipan in partnership with PHI Pharmacy, Michelob Ultra, Brabu Pharmacy & Wellness Center and Turn Key Solutions, offer a huge “Congratulations!” to the participants in the 2021 Gold's Gym Transformation Challenge.

Over $5,000 in cash and prizes were awarded at the awards banquet on Saturday, July 17.

“This year’s Challenge had a very high completion rate,” shared Gold’s Gym general manager Tyce Mister.  “Forty-two challengers began the 12 week transformation challenge journey and 35 completed the challenge. This is a transformation contest, but 99% of the participants had the goal to lose weight.  As a group, these 35 challengers lost over 388 lbs!  This is an average of 13.8 pounds per person.  Around the waist, the group lost an average of 4.4 inches with a total of 152.5 inches lost around the waist.”

Gold’s Gym hosted a boot camp throughout the competition that was led by Aaron Tomokane, NASM certified personal trainer.

According to Tomokane, “This is a transformation challenge and not a weight loss competition. We want everyone to be safe. We encourage body fat loss when necessary to be healthier, but we want to see lean body mass (muscle) either maintained or even increased as part of the transformation challenge. It is very difficult to lose Fat Body Mass and at the same time maintain or even gain Lean Body Mass." 

The Challenge is grateful to Tomakane for his role in completing the before and after photos and measurements.

Paul Ruechoway is the Overall Male Winner! “This entire journey has completely changed my life,” he said. “I’ve become the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life and I feel confident and secure in my own body.  Joining Gold’s Gym is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I’ve found a new hobby and made great friends.” 

Ruechoway was also awarded for writing the most inspirational essay.

Emily Santos, the Overall Female Winner, shared her inspiration: “Always believe in yourself when you feel like quitting because you will like the end result which will become your greatest reward.”

Santos was also the leader in the number of points awarded for visiting Gold’s Gym for boot camp, workouts, and classes. 

Mister asked, “Is it a coincidence that the winner of most points also won overall? We don’t think so.”

Challenger Pomaikai Aldan shared his Challenge secrets: “I ate very clean cooked foods and as much as possible avoided fast food and fried food.” 

Additionally, Aldan offered some advice to others with the goal of weight loss, “Weight loss is very hard for many people so the best advice I can offer anyone is to commit fully to your health.  We only get one body so we should do our best to treat it great.  Take baby steps to reach your goals because all that matters is that you reach your goal, not how fast you get there.  Health and exercise is a lifetime marathon not a short term sprint.”

2021 Transformation Challenge results

Overall Men

Ruechoway, Paul

Overall Women

Santos, Emily

Women's 18-29

1) Mostales, Jenna

2) Valencia, Aireen

Women's 30-49

1) Borja, Chutima

2) Bahillo, Salve

3) Camacho, Conchita

Women's 50+

1) Clayton, Dee

2) Seno, Shielane

Men's 18-29

1) Hambros, Ham

2) Castillo, Art

3) Cepeda, Jessie

Men's 30-49

1) Bahillo, Jeffrey

2) Ferrer, Randolf

3) Pitpit, Albert

Men's 50 +

1) Epley, William Robert "Rob"

2)  Sahagon, Steven

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Congratulations again to all the 2021 Gold’s Gym Saipan Challengers! Thank you to Michelob Ultra for providing cash prizes and donating delicious beverages. Thank you to PHI Pharmacy for providing cash prizes and discounts to challengers throughout the competition. Thank you to Brabu Pharmacy & Wellness Center for cash prizes and continued support.  And welcome and thank you to Turn Key Solutions, the newest supporter of the Gold’s Gym Saipan Challenge.

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