6JMS Pythons

The 6JMS Pythons pose for a photo after their victory  in the A+ Division of the SEDA Bud Light League at the 6JMS Sports Bar.

THE 6JMS Pythons and True North Mafia 2 earned blowout victories in the A+ Division of the SEDA Bud Light League last week at the 6JMS Sports Bar and True North Bar.

Playing at their “homecourt,” the Pythons exploded right from the start and were nearly unstoppable as they strangled Jonny's Samurai 12-5.

Eric "Last Chance" Durano led the run with a 3.36 PPD while teammates Albert "Just Once" Guevara, Joel Gruy and Burth "Imported" Dacumos provided strong outputs to sweep the opening Singles Regular Cricket, 4-0.

Even as a team, they continued to showcase their finesse claiming both matches of the Partners 701 Double In/Double Out for their second sweep of the night.

Their lead continued to grow with Dacumos and Durano clinching the first two rounds of the Singles Half-It match, but the Samurai finally stopped the bleeding thanks to Pam "The SPAM" Ybanez and Sadiri "Boy" Orosco snatching the remaining rounds.

The Samurai seemed to have found their rhythm as they achieved another split courtesy of Ybanez and Jordan Taitano. Team-mates Warlee Ellama and Taitano then split the next Singles 501 Double In/Double Out match.

However, the Pythons worked together to bag the final Team 1101 Cherry In/Double Out match and added the icing on the victory cake, 12-5.

True North Mafia 2 vs 6JMS Thunder Darts A+

The True North Mafia 2 upped their game with their own dominant victory against the 6JMS Thunder Darts A+, 13-4.

The Mafia 2 started strong with a 3-1 run in the opening Singles Regular Cricket match highlighted by Jayson John, Alfred Hocog and Joker Camacho.

They then pressed on to solidify their lead with teamwork, sweeping the Partners 701 Double In/Double Out and pulling another 3-1 run in the Singles Half-It match.

The Thunder Darts' June "Viper" Orencia managed to notch a solo win just before the Mafia 2 shot their way to victory 13-4

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