Rey Hermogenes

Rey Hermogenes, third left, poses for a photo with Jerry Soriano, second left, Randy David, third right, and New Bamboo Bar staff after Sunday's 8-ball tournament at Saipan Vegas.

REY Hermogenes was crowned the 8-ball champion for the month of June at the New Bamboo Bar of Saipan Vegas on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Hermogenes had a spectacular night as he blew through the first two rounds of the tournament without a scratch.

He first sent Santi Sablan to the losers bracket and continued to press forward by defeating Jess Farinas.

However, in the third round, Hermogenes failed to maintain his precision and lost his way against Randy David.

But despite falling into the losers bracket, Hermogenes managed to crawl out by besting Joey Lucido to set up a rematch against David.

This time Hermogenes earned his redemption in a close exchange to reach the final round where he faced the undefeated Jerry Soriano.

Unfazed, Hermogenes sank one impressive shot after the other to stay ahead and secure the win, forcing a rubber match.

With the proverbial wind beneath his wings, Hermogenes made sure he was not going down once again. With each carefully picked shot, he slowly, but surely, eased his way to victory and the June championship.

Hermogenes went home with the first place trophy and $500 cash prize while Soriano settled for second place and $250. Randy David finished third and received $100.

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