Randy David

Randy David lines up for a side-pocket shot during a match on July 9 at the New Bamboo Bar of Saipan Vegas.

CESAR Sangalang, Randy David and Phil Kalen will have a chance to vie for the July championship of the New Bamboo 8-Ball Tournament after winning the qualifying events on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at the New Bamboo Bar of Saipan Vegas.

Sangalang made the list on Thursday via  a late-game comeback.

Against his first opponent, Ray Matsunaga, Sangalang showcased his precision and smart placements to win the match and move to the semifinals where he dispatched Phil Kalen.

For his part, Matsunaga  defeated Jesse Guerra, Jerry Soriano and Kalen to earn a redemption match against Sangalang in the finale.

In their re-match, Matsunaga fired from all cylinders as he shot down Sangalang and force a third encounter.

Despite Matsunaga's fiery comeback, Sangalang managed to shake off his finals jitters to edge his opponent and win a spot in the championship that will be held at the end of the month.

As for Randy David, he qualified for the championship after a flawless performance on Saturday.

From start to finish, David could not be stopped as he sent Jesse Guerra and then Roel Barretto to the losers bracket to reach the semifinals.

Soriano, who was David's next opponent, was also undefeated, but he, too, had no answer to David's consistency.

The two met again in the final round, and once again, David’s momentum could not be disrupted as he brought down Soriano one more time to secure a spot in the championship.

On Sunday, it was Phil Kalen’s turn to  shine.

Kalen lost to Soriano in round two, but he fought back to send Guerra, Sangalang and Rey Hermogenes packing.

Kalen then faced Soriano in the finals.  And this time, Kalen was an irresistible force as he secured victory to qualify for the championship.

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