CNMI Women's Golf Association members pose for a photo during Saturday's February Ace Tournament at the Coral Ocean Golf Resort.

Contributed photo

SHERLYN Jones continues to make a name for herself in the CNMI Women's Golf Association  by winning the February Ace Tournament Saturday at the Coral Ocean Golf Resort.

Jones came out swinging as she treaded the newly reopened golf course with finesse, closing the front nine with a gross score of 43 which put her in the top five.

The back nine seemed to be the easier half of the course for Jones who greatly improved her strokes, ending with a gross of 37 for a total gross score of 80. An 11 handicap gave her a net total of 69 and the February ace title.

Okazaki Emi, for her part,  completed the front nine with a score of 56 and followed it up with a 47 on the back for a gross total of 103. Her handicap of 32 gave her a net total of 71, good enough for second place.

Coming in third was Sae Hee Kim who scored 46 on the front nine and 41 on the back  for a total score of 87. With a 15 handicap, her net total was 72.

Mio Kim also had a net total of 72 but she was bested by Sae Hee Kim in the score-card tiebreaker.

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