SAIPAN International School runners dominated the middle school and elementary school categories of the PSS-NMA Cross Country Series third qualifier on Saturday at the Saipan Vegas Country Club.

In the middle school girls division, SIS held the top spot with a total of 12 points.

Under the rules, the team with the lowest score wins.

Saipan Community School’s Abbie Kim finished first with a time of 00:12.22. However, with only two runners participating in a team-based event, SCS did not earn the points needed to get on the board.

For their part,  SIS’ runners earned a bunch of points. Aubrey White finished second overall with a  time of 00:12.5 to earn 1 point; Suki Peng was in third place with a time of 00:13.33 for 2 points; Julie Chavez was in sixth place with a time of 00:15.49 for 4 points; and Phoenix Gross was in seventh place at 00:15.58 for 5 points.

Second in the standings with a total of 26 points is Grace Christian Academy which is the only other team with enough runners to be deemed eligible.

GCA’s Kaya Braxton finished fifth  with a time of 00:14.33 to earn 3 points; Navaeh Camacho was eighth  with a time of 00:16.28 for 6 points; Jiyuu Kim was 11th with a time of 00:22.35 for 8 points; and Alyssa Kim was 12th with a time of 00:22.36 for 9 points.

Boys division

In the middle school boys division, Grace Christian Academy holds the top spot in the team standings with a total of 20 points.

GCA’s Takeru Jim finished third with a time of 00:10.59 to earn 2 points; Michael Miller was fifth  at 00:11.31 for 4 points; Seth Balakrishna was sixth place with a  time of 00:11.41 for 5 points; and Rooney Gil was 10th clocking at 00:12.21 for 9 points.

Marianas High School is in second place with a total of 27 points while SIS is third with 31 points.

Elementary schools

In the elementary school girls division, SIS remains the team to beat with a total of 17 points.

SIS’ Eliza Culp finished second with a time of 5.14 to earn 2 points; Windsor Gross was fourth with a time of 5.17 for 4 points; Faith Arriola was fifth with a time of 5.19 for 5 points; Beatrice Gross was sixth with a time of 5.19 for 6 points;  Leilani Ruszala was 11th with a time of 5.35 for 11 points; and Neveah Arriola was 12th with a time of 5.37 for 12 points.

In second place in the team standings is SCS with 38 points while GTC is third with 49 points.


In the boys division, the spotlight is on SIS: Finn Altizer finished second with a time of 05.13 for 2 points; Jake Duenas was 10th  with a time of 05.49 for 10 points; Gabriel Walsh was 11th place at 05.48 for 11 points; Lyam Villagomez was 19th  with a time of 06.18 for 18 points; Juwon Lee was 20th at 06.19 for 19 points; and Philip Seman was 23rd with a time of 06.38 for 22 points.

In second and third places are GTC and WSR. 

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