SAIPAN International School is the top team in the Public School System-Northern Marianas Athletics Cross Country series after Saturday's third qualifier at the Saipan Vegas Country Club.

In the Boys Division, SIS has a total of 28 points with Rex Pixley completing  two laps with a finish time of 00:18.44 to earn 1 point.

 SIS’ Kuu Nishimura finished eighth with a time of 00:24.12 and received 8 points. Team-mate Jesse Sablan was in ninth place with a time of 00:24.2 and earned 9 points while Jack Linden finished 10th with a time of 00:24.21 to garner 10 points.

The team with the lowest score wins. A perfect score for a team is 10 points if its four runners finished first to fourth places: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10.

Pixley said the course was “pretty difficult — it was hot and the grass made it a little bit harder because it's soft.”

For next week’s championships, he said: “I'm going to try my best.”

In second place in the team standings is Saipan Southern High School which has a total of 30 points.

The team is led by John Raquepo who finished third place with a time of 00:22.21 to earn 3 points followed by Monico Claridades in fourth place, clocking at 00:22.31 for 4 points; Simon Tang was in 10th place with a finish time of 00:25.36 for 10 points; and Jonne Navarro was 13th with a time of 00:26.21 for 13 points.

In third place is Grace Christian Academy. GCA’s Theodore Rodgers placed second, clocking at 00:21.54 for 2 points while Miles Linden was 10th  with a time of 00:25.36 for 10 points and Mokeyang Kim finished 16th with a time of 00:28.19 for 16 points.

Marianas High School is in fourth place with 53 points while Kagman High School is fifth with 70 points.

Girls Division

Saipan International School also leads the Girls Division.

As usual, Kaithlyn Chavez continues to show that she is one of the island’s fastest female runners,  crossing the finish line with a time of 00:21.4 for 1 point.

Teammate Tiana Cabrera scored 2 points for finishing second with a time of 00:23.36,

 She was followed by Serin Chung  with a time of 00:26.08 for 3 points and Sevita Sikkel in fourth place with a time of 00:26.09 for 4 points.

“The course was so hot and the hills killed me,” Chavez said. “But my ultimate goal is to win the championships for the girls. It is weird to have Tiana as my rival but at the same time we are teammates so it’s all about the team,” Chavez added.

In second place in the team standings is Saipan Southern High School with a total of 37 points. SSHS’ Megan Elayda finished seventh with a time of 00:33.16 to earn 7 points; Andrea Ramos was ninth, clocking at 00:34.21 to earn 9 points; Lency Sagarino was 10th with a time of 00:35.09 for 10 points; and Desea Mendiola was 11th with a time of 00:40.06 for 11 points.

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