SAIPAN International School topped the elementary and middle school categories of the NMA-PSS All School Cross Country on Saturday at the Saipan Country Club.

Elementary schools

In the elementary school girls division, SIS clinched first place with a total of 26 points followed by Saipan Community School in second place with 47 points and Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School in third with 59 points.

In cross country, the team with the lowest score wins.

Among the U12 girls, GTC's Sari Barman finished first and won the gold medal with a time of 6.04.9. Silver medalist Alyssa Brasuell of SCS clocked at 6.35.42 while SIS' Faith Arriola was third at 6.36.20 and took home the bronze medal.

 In the U9 girls group, Oleai Elementary School's Erica Long led the pack with a finish time of 6.36.67 to win the gold. Brilliant Star School's Scarlett Burrell received the silver medal for finishing second with a time of 6.53 while SIS' Windsor Gross took the bronze medal with a time of 7.03.

In the boys division, SIS again took the spotlight with a total of 27 team points. Although  Tinian did not have much cross country experience compared to the other   teams, the visiting runners managed to come in second with a total of 34 points. In third place was Brilliant Star School with 69 points.

In the U12 boys individual standings, Brilliant Star was numero uno thanks to Akeem Edvalson's gold-medal-winning time of 5.41. SIS' Finn Altizer clocked at 5.45 to bag the silver medal while Tinian's Jun Young Seo came in at 6.04 for the bronze medal.

In the U9 boys division it was SIS' Jude Rayphand who handed his team a 1-point, gold-medal finish by completing the course with a time of 5.50.

GTC's Kylee Babauta took home the silver medal with a time of 6.02 while Garapan Elementary School's William Flores settled for the bronze medal with a time of 6.28.

Middle schools

In the middle school division, SIS clinched both division titles. In the girls division, SIS led by 16 points followed by SCS in second place with 24 points and Mount Carmel School in third with 43 points.

Leading the individual standings were SCS' Abbie Kim with a finish time of 12.21 for the gold medal; SIS' Suki Peng clocked at 13.19 to take home the silver medal; and SIS' Aubrey White came in at 14.10 and received the bronze medal.

In the boys division, SIS faced a tougher challenge but still pulled through with a first place finish, garnering 27 points. Grace Christian Academy came in second  with 39 points while MCS was third with 43 points.

In the solo highlights, SIS' Moshe Sikkel won the gold by clocking at 9.55; GCA's Michael Miller received the silver with a time of 10.41; and Francisco M. Sablan Middle School's Christian Lucero took home the bronze at 10.44. 

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