STANLEY Iakopo Jr. and Keoni Rosario were among the young riders of the Marianas Racing Association Points Race Series who showed their mettle at Cow Town Raceway Park on Sunday.

In heat 1 of the Mini 1 class, Stanley Iakopo Jr. started strong and led throughout most of the race. However down the stretch, it was Devin Yumul who stole the show and slipped through for a first place finish to obtain 25 points while Iakopo finished second and received 22 points.

But Iakopo managed to redeem himself in heat 2. This time he stayed in full-throttle with excellent executions on turns and jumps to beat Yumul who had to settle for second place.

Although Iakopo and Yumul scored a total of 47 points each, the former's heat 2 finish was the deciding factor that gave Iakopo  overall first place.

Mini II

In the Mini II class, Michael Camacho achieved his fifth 50-point performance, taking first place in both heats to stand tall in overall first place.

 Ethan Yumul trails closely behind in the overall standings as he ended the day in second place with 44 points.

Audiescott Iakopo’s valiant efforts were rewarded as he claimed third place with 38 points.

Mini ATV, Peewee

In the Mini ATV class, Theresa Borja recorded her fifth 50-point output. Taking second place was Jesus Santos with 44 points followed by Frachesca Yumul with 40.

As for the Peewee ATV class, Keoni Rosario continued to work his way to the top with his first 50-point finish. Thanks to a steady performance during both heats, he was able to beat Brooklynn Susulin, who  sits on top of the overall standings as she came in second with 44 points while Ryan Borja settled for third with 40 points.

For his part, Conan Iakopo pulled a stunning victory  in the Peewee 1 class, topping both heats to score a perfect 50. Ezekiel Camacho finished second  with 44 points while Ryan Borja was third with 40 points.

 In the Peewee II class, Jonoah Santos remains at the top with his fifth 50-point performance, surpassing TJ Ferrer who finished second with 44 points and Keenan Togawa at third with 40 points.

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