Tania Tan

Tania Tan runs up the steps at Paupau Beach during a previous race.

TANIA Tan, who is in New York, topped Run Saipan Underground’s virtual 5K event with a time of 20:49.

Due to the recent community spread of Covid-19 on  island, Run Saipan president Edward Dela Cruz Jr. decided to make their monthly race virtual for the safety of the runners.

Placing second overall was Pony Tang who cleared the 5K distance on Saipan with a time of 21:44.

Audrey Christley was third with a time of 22:23 followed by Sildrey Veloria, 23:50; Erico Castro from San Diego, California, 23:58; and Jalen Lucido from Honolulu, Hawaii, 24:26.

Completing the top nine list were Anika Snyder from Scotland with a finish time of 25:36; Ron Snyder, 27:14; and Lydia Tan, 27:56.

Edward Dela Cruz said a virtual race was the right choice. “I thought it was the best idea moving forward with the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases,” he said. “Safety is always the number one priority for our sport.”

He added, “I know people don’t really like virtual races but the support is still overwhelming for our run club especially among our loyal members who never want to miss our underground series. Thank you runners from the bottom of our hearts.”

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