THE One Football Club claimed the Marianas Soccer League 2 title on Sunday after outscoring  the Bangladesh Football Club 3-2 in a penalty shootout at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

It was a true championship match as both teams displayed their prowess on both ends of the field with neither able to score.

After 90 minutes of play, it came down to a penalty kick shootout to determine the winner.

The One’s Scott Kim and Ming Guang Xu  connected the back of the net to give their team the lead.

Bangladesh managed to block the shots of Ri Cheng and Boaz Soo Hyun Lim, but Don Cabrera was able to weave through the defending goalie to clinch  victory for The One.

Bangladesh did have a few highlights of their own, thanks to Md. Sohel Akanda and Abdul Luylu Shahanewaz, but Md. Titu Ahmed, Harun Morol and Kamrul Kamrul failed to score.

Third place

In the battle for third place, the Bangladesh Youth stole the show as they silenced the top seed, Saipan United, 2-0.

 It was an intense match but the  goals made by Mohammad Uddin at the 23rd minute mark of the first half and Shakib Shakib's at the 53rd minute mark of the second half  ensured that their team finish third.

On Friday, the Matansa Football Club powered past Island Star 3-0 while the NMI Women's National Team defeated Shirley's Football Club via penalty kick shootout 5(3)-(3)4. 

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