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Shane Alvarez faces off against  older brother Alverick Alvarez.

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(Trench Tech) — It will be a “family feud” this coming May as Trench Tech announces that mixed martial arts will return to the island sports scene to kick off summer 2021.

According to Cuki Alvarez, president of the promotion, when Trench Warz 21: CIVIL WAR! goes down in one month’s time, you can expect excitement and hard-hitting action with a main event that will also bring its share of soap opera-like drama.

In a featherweight matchup headlining the card, it will be former featherweight champion Shane “Pikaboo” Alvarez taking on his older brother Alverick “Pretty Boy” Alvarez who puts his undefeated record in a classic Cain and Abel matchup.

And if that’s not enough, their father Cuki announced that he will be the special guest referee when his sons step “inside the eight sides” while their baby sister Shaniah will be the ring girl for their bout.

In interviews held separately out of fear they would beat each other up before they do battle, the younger Alvarez states that on top of his brother constantly picking on them growing up, he wants to face his brother to see who is the better fighter.

“Alverick may be one of only of two of us in the family who’s never lost a fight, but I’ve been the one carrying the family name in the ring the last several years both on and off-island.”

Shane also mentioned, “Facing my brother will not only be one of the toughest fights I’ve ever been in, but beating him in the middle of the cage, will show him, our family, and the Marianas who truly is the better Alvarez.”

Although he is comfortable being away from the fight spotlight, the elder brother feels that he needs to put baby brother in his place. Alverick said, “I love my brother, and I will do what I can to back him up and be there for him. But when that cage door closes, and the bell rings, he’s just going to be another cocky fighter I need to set straight.”

When asked whether he would be impartial in his officiating, the senior Alvarez mentioned that he would, but added, “Whoever loses, I will disown. They won’t be worthy of carrying the family name, it’s going to be tough to do, but sorry parri that’s what’s gonna happen to one of my boys.”

Shaniah, younger sister of the 2 Alvarez boys involved in the main event next month, will serve as ring girl. When asked about her feelings about the match up, she simply stated "No comment."

On top of this colossal collision, the undercard is equally impressive. Truth will battle justice as Trench Tech elder statesman Jason “Rush” Tarkong will do battle with MMA legend Brandon “The Truth” Vera in a five-round matchup Cuki calls “The Battle of the Boyus.”

Japan faces Korea with the Korean Zombie doing battle with original Trench Tech warrior Tetsuji Kato.

And in a special attraction, homegrown UFC star Frank “The Crank” Camacho will sign an open contract to face whoever is brave enough to challenge him.

Alvarez stated that if the person who takes the challenge knocks Camacho out in two rounds, they will win $25,000 in cold hard cash, which will definitely be a stimulus fund everyone will want to win.

Trench Warz 21 is scheduled to take place on May 32nd, with ticket prices and venue to be determined so as to follow Covid-19 safety protocols. Weigh-ins will take place after off-island fighters complete their mandatory quarantine. Social distancing will be enforced and according to Alvarez, anyone who does not wear a mask will be charged double admission at the door.

Happy April Fools Day!

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