‘Aim for a lifestyle change’

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Fire up your New Year health and wellness goals at Gold’s Gym Saipan, the islands’ most extensive fitness experience and reach your goals more successfully than ever before.

Located at Garapan Central Park, Gold’s Gym Saipan offers a fully equipped gym, exercise classes, Fitness on Demand, personal training services that include fitness assessments, and access to amenities such as showers, lockers and sauna.

At the start of every year, Gold’s Gym Saipan also hosts a popular 12 Week Challenge designed to help jumpstart or intensify your fitness routine so you could reach your health goals with the support and expertise of this global fitness chain.

“Setting resolutions or goals also need a plan. We offer the right kinds of resources and expertise to help you create that plan so you can succeed,” says General Manager Natalie Cruz.

Gold’s Gym Saipan has the team, Certified Personal Fitness Instructors Aaron Tomokane, Michelle Masga, Ferleen Esmundo, Ella Dela Cruz, Dre Delos Santos, Jerry “BBJ” Diaz and Gerald Galang, to make sure you could lay out your best fitness plans and find success in completing it.

Gerald Galang

One of them, Gerald Galang, shares some of his expert advice.

1. Why do you think it is important to set goals and a plan to reach fitness goals or resolutions?

“Having a goal and a plan of action really helps us stay focused. Whether it is a long term or a short term goal, knowing what to do minimizes the risk of straying away from reaching your goal. I always advise people starting on their fitness journey to take time to sit and think about what they really want to achieve. Are you training for a 5k? Maybe Konquer? Or even just general health, such as trying to lower blood pressure, it’s very important to have a set goal so that you can start making small changes in your everyday life that’ll take you closer to that goal.”

2. What do you think are the challenges people face in reaching their fitness goals here on island and what can they do to overcome it?

“I believe the biggest challenges we face as an island community is our perception of what the serving size is. I know from experience growing up, my mom would give me what was her ‘1 serving of rice’ and I’d demolish it with no problem. Looking back, with the knowledge I’ve gained that serving of rice my mom would give me was actually 3 cups of rice. I think it would really help people if they’d take the time to search on the internet or ask any of our fitness professionals what an actual serving is. It would really help people on their fitness journey because not only does it help the individual track what they’re consuming but also give them the knowledge of what the right serving is.”

3. Are there any new services or products that Gold’s Gym is offering this year?

“Gold’s Gym is offering free Fitness Assessments with memberships 1 month and longer. The fitness assessment is a great tool to see where your current fitness level is. During the assessment you’ll be put through a movement assessment to see any underlying muscle imbalances, see your current body fat percentages as well as learn about exercises that may help you reach your goals faster. All you have to do is schedule with any of the trainers.”

4. Any advice you would like to share on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

“Don’t rush it. Don’t beat yourself up if one day the weight doesn’t go down on the scale. Aim for a lifestyle change rather than a quick drop of weight. Take it one step at a time and be patient with your body. It’s been proven that people who take their time and learn how their body responds to different dietary and physical changes have a higher probability of succeeding and continuing their new lifestyle change. Also, keep track of your exercises. Track the weight, intensity, duration and you’ll be able to see changes that’ll occur. It’ll give you a great idea of what needs to be changed or added on to your current program. And lastly, be proud of your achievements no matter how miniscule it seems. Everyone is unique in their own way. Just know that through determination and perseverance you’ll achieve your goals.”

For more information, call Gold’s Gym Saipan at 233-4000 or visit online at www.goldsgym.com/saipan/.

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