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Health Matters
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Energy plays a big role in getting fit and healthy and one local company is making sure you get the best form of energy, pure and simple.

Great Harvest Bread Co. Bakery & Café in Chalan Kanoa has dozens of healthy options and General Manager Geraldine Sasamoto says they have better choices because of their products contain fresh and wholesome ingredients.

“We start with the initial form of wheat flour called wheat berries that are milled fresh right in our bakery, in a temperature controlled room to ensure constant freshness. We grind up the wheat berries right before we bake so you are getting the freshest flour on island,” she said.

“Our breads in general compared to other breads in the market right now are much healthier as it is more wholesome with no artificial preservatives. Our only preservative is a raw honey which is shipped in special drum from our supplier,” she adds.

The smell of freshly baked bread is abundant every 6am and 10am in the morning, when Great Harvest bakers are rolling out favorites such as the Taro Bread, Dakota Bread, Honey Whole Wheat, High 5 Fiber and Asiago Sourdough Bread.

Great Harvest is the only bakery on island that offers sourdough in its most artisan form, drawing its flavor from a germ brought in from their main bakery in the U.S. that is over 100 years old.

“It sounds strange but our bakers make sure to feed our germ every day to keep it growing and retain its unique flavor,” smiles Sasamoto. “But it is worth it, as it is one of our most popular breads.”

After the fresh bread is baked, now it is time to lay out a sandwich of choice from Classic Ham & Cheese, Turkey Chile Cheddar Melt to Big Sky Chicken Salad and more.

“We choose ingredients that are not overly processed so we just get simple ingredients. We slice our own roast beef, turkey or ham ourselves and cheeses are hand sliced as well. So prepping wise, we cut, slice and we don’t’ dress it up too much as the more fresh, the better,” said Sasamoto.

The same goes for Great Harvest’s popular salads, Yard Bard Salad, Fresh Seasons Grain Bowl and Mexicali Salad.

And if you want to go even lighter, Great Harvest now carries freshly made vegan friendly wheat and white tortillas that could turn any sandwich into a wrap.

Sasamoto says an exciting change coming up for Great Harvest’s menu this March, not only with adding full sandwich, soup or salad combos, but also the signature items from their partnership with Guam’s popular café, Infusion.

“We partnered with Infusion last year and collaborated with same brands of coffee, Frappe flavors and teas. We currently do the basic cafe items, but soon we will have the signature items, such as Caramella, Power House, Taro Tea, Calamansi Cooler and Mangomansi,” she said.

So as you prepare to start off the New Year with a healthier, fitter you, be cognizant of the food you choose to fuel your body with, says Sasamoto.

“We are the best for portion control as our breads are naturally denser and could fill you up more quickly. Many of our customers are satisfied with what they thought would be a small meal, turns out to be quite filling and gets them energized,” she said.

Great Harvest is open daily from Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM and Sunday from 7 AM to 3 PM and you can visit their website at http://greatharvestsaipan.com/ and even order online.

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