Out to Eat | An island of a thousand temples

One of the famous tourist spots in Bali, the Aloha Ubud Swing.

Out to Eat | An island of a thousand temples

Luwak Coffee in Bali.

Out to Eat | An island of a thousand temples

Canang (pronounced “Chanang”) Sari is a form of daily offering from Balinese Hindus to show their gratitude to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (“The Divine Order”) at the Tirta Empul Temple.

Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples, and has deep religious roots in Hinduism which is practiced by locals who show deep respect to their numerous Gods. This is also evident in Bali’s arts, crafts, clothes, and especially food.

Bali is definitely one of the world’s best places for food, and its fresh produce and aromatic spices create satisfying savory dishes.

From the road-side “warungs,” which are small cafés, to high-end restaurants, whether cheap or expensive, the food in Bali is delectable.

For coffee lovers who like adventures, Kopi Luwak is one of the reasons to travel to Bali. Tourists from all over the world look forward to experiencing this “special” coffee. According to John Browny, a Bali resident, the coffee is known for its health benefits, especially as an aid for digestion, and is low in caffeine.

Kopi Luwak is expensive not only because of its taste, but also because of how it is produced. It is coffee made from civet cat poop. Civets are a variety of cats that are small, lean and nocturnal. They are commonly found in tropical areas such as Asia and Africa. They also eat fresh coffee berries. Kopi Luwak is collected from their poop which is then washed, roasted and brewed.

As a traveler, my main source of enjoyment is the culture and people of the place I’m visiting. In Bali, I met and made new friends. The locals were very welcoming as they showed us around. They were also very proud of their land and devoted to their Gods.

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