LET us take a moment this Veterans Day to show our heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to all of our veterans, active service members, past and present, who have ever donned the uniform of the United States armed forces for their valor, commitment, and selfless service to our country. They go through rigorous training and combat, leaving their friends and loved ones to protect our most cherished value in life — peace. Let us reaffirm our commitment to leaving no veteran behind as we pay respect to our brave heroes. We must continue supporting and caring for all the returning combat veterans who need healing from their battle wounds. Welcome them home with open arms and hearts. We must never forget that the finest kind of thankfulness we can express our veterans is to live by them. We honor our heroes most by living our life to the fullest.

To all the veterans and active service members around the world, thank you.


Mayor of Saipan

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