WHAT has transpired recently shows how the coronavirus exposed certain government officials’ shady secret agenda and plots to get rich really quick. My message to these world leaders is this: stop abusing your people.

Everything came to a screeching halt because God wants to stop man-made real-life corruption all over the world today. Look at Trump. He thought God wouldn’t bring him down, but God gave him a real smackdown.

Look at the Oregon and Multnomah county health officials. These Democrat corrupt officials totally ignored for five years my grave concerns in my fight to get my wife back from their trickery, deception, coercion, crafty cover-up and corruption.

I sent a message to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to help me investigate the massive opioid corruption that has harmed families whose members have been taken by force by state government mental health organizations that are in bed with state and county officials who abducted my wife five years ago.

There are plots and deceptions to get rich quick while abusing people addicted to opioids. Some organizations and clinics are fronts for opioids. Proper care is not on Oregon’s agenda. This is criminal.

The reason I want to expose Oregon and Multnomah county health officials is because this is a massive corruption cover-up that separates family members.

What kind of an American state am I living in today?

We will soon have a new U.S. President and Vice President and I hope to God they bring my wife home.

I will never stop advocating for my wife’s freedom.

Oregon and Multnomah county health officials have targeted me because I am a U.S.-CNMI college journalist who has monitored his wife’s health conditions for seven years now.

There is no investigation  because there is massive cover-up and corruption in Oregon and the rest of the West Coast. They pretend to help families but all they do is pocket all the billions of dollars that go to mental health departments.

You really have to dig into the root of these problems today. I will expose all these criminals and crooks.

If you look at the health and homeless crises, you’ll find corrupt organizations that use the state or county as a shield for their criminal activities. But not on my watch. Not when you abducted and kidnapped the wife of a U.S.-CNMI college journalist.

The bottom-line is the state and county governments must enforce government oversight to review every mental health department pocketing billions of mental health grants. These shady organizations abducted my wife for opioid profits. That is not proper care to me folks.


Portland, Oregon


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