The vibrant and dedicated group of experts of the Blue Ribbon Initiative met at Aqua Resort Club, Oct. 1, to sign a Memorandum of Agreement, solidifying a partnership to support the limited healthcare providers and staff in their efforts to treat CNMI residents with substance use disorders.

ON behalf of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, we would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable support, participation, and contributions to the CNMI Methamphetamine and Opioid Initiative and the monumental Memorandum of Agreement signing event on Oct. 1, 2021. The response and engagement during the past few months are a testament to our community’s willingness to take action against the devastating effects of substance misuse.

As stakeholders of our community, we have the inherent and critical role and responsibility to take care of one another. The large-scale impact of substance misuse can only be thwarted by an equally powerful force that is achievable when we collectively work together.

With the consortium moving forward as the Blue Ribbon Initiative, your ongoing support and involvement will continue to play a crucial role in preventing substance misuse from reaching deeper into our villages and ultimately, destroying the essence of our island communities. We have the opportunity now to make a lasting impact for future generations and we must keep the momentum alive and strong. As in previous challenges, we have proven that we are more effective when we work in harmony and use our strengths to rise above adversity.

Lastly, we are grateful and honored to be in your company and we are humbled by your commitment, compassion, and your willingness to make a difference. As we keep our connections firm, let us build on the efforts and notable accomplishments of the many individuals who supported and contributed to this cause throughout the years. Only when we acknowledge the decades of hard work that came before us can we truly understand the extent and gravity of substance misuse, the difficult work ahead of us, and the need to align forces for the well-being of the CNMI.

A special appreciation goes out to the following partners:

• Rota Mayor Efraim M. Atalig

• Tinian and Aguiguan Mayor Edwin P. Aldan

• Sen. Vinnie F. Sablan and members of the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation

• Rep. Donald M. Manglona, Sen. Teresita A. Santos, and members of the Rota Legislative delegation

• Sen. Francisco Q. Cruz and members of the Tinian and Aguiguan Legislative Delegation

• Director Vivian Sablan and the Division of Youth Services

• Director Jose Mafnas and the Division of Customs Services

• Commissioner of Education Dr. Alfred B. Ada

• Commissioner Dennis C. Mendiola and the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services

• Office on Aging Director Walter Manglona and Office on Aging Rota Director Valerie Apatang

• Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Rota Resident Director Dwayne Maratita

• Julie Sablan and staff of the Tinian Public Library

Again, thank you for making the last six consortiums a success and the unprecedented signing event possible.

Si Yu’us ma’åse’, olomwaay, and thank you, all!



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