I WAS working under the Office of the Mayor of Rota before Typhoon Mangkut hit the island of Luta. After the typhoon hit the island, I worked  hard to gather all necessary information relating to damage and other assessments and submitted them for review and approval to FEMA. I left the island of Luta in December 2019 but still no action since the time of my submission.

The question remains: what more documentation is needed in order for all the projects to move forward as Mayor Atalig is eager to complete them to fix the damage caused by the typhoon?

It’s been three years and still no project has moved forward. Are we moving forward or just waiting for the next typhoon to come?

This funding can help businesses, employ our local people  and bring all damaged areas back to pre-disaster condition.

Let's move forward and see things happen. One People, One Marianas. Biba Taotao LUTA!


Salem, Oregon

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