FOR years, the local Republicans have controlled the purse of the CNMI government.

When the GOP was split and the Covenant Party was formed a lot of family lives were ruined. A lot of experienced, long-time and honest Republican employees were not promoted or they were demoted or fired. They were disrespected.

We’re supposed to pick the best and the brightest and change the GOP stagnancy and infighting.

So I hope to God Democrats treat all government employees with respect and dignity. These people have families to feed.

One has 10 years experience but a new guy came in and took his job because there’s a new governor.

In my case, you cannot just take my journalist’s job or replace me just because you want to hear fake news. No. Journalists will continue to hold lawmakers and other government officials responsible.

The truth is, if we’re going to keep kicking the can down the road Saipan will never see its potential to be prosperous.

We must advance and upgrade our tourist destination. I know we can do it CNMI.

But we need good and smart money managers because these local Republicans have failed big time.

In the old days, the chief selected his best managers to protect the livelihood of the whole village and the people.

Today, we’re so American: we go to college, we come home and we steal from our people. OMG guys stop it, please.

I mean I am ashamed. It was quite an experience to come home to the reckless conditions on Saipan in 2002.

We’re supposed to be moving forward not backwards and sideways what with this fractured Republican Party.

We need change and we need it soon. We need the best CNMI intellectuals and money managers who will change CNMI lives.

We want good stewardship of our islands where hospitality comes first for our tourists and all investors are provided a level playing field.

We want more job opportunities for our people so they can support their families.

We can do it right guys.



Portland, Oregon

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