THE Lt. Governor solidified the Governor’s shenanigans with his travel and use of OUR money and now Mr. Gary Camacho, CUC Executive Director solidifies the Governors shenanigans with his “utilities payments” putting his family member and a Piggery Business on OUR (the People’s) Account. I do respect the Governor and I know we are supposed to hold our convictions until PROVEN Guilty by a recognized Recognize Representatives FOR the People (Legislature or the Court). But these Hearing have revealed the Governor conducting activities that are truly reprehensible for a person of his stature in our community — I can only pray he will NEVER be viewed as a “role-model” for our youth. 

The Governor’s activities have been so darn PETTY THIEVERY, as he is given a per diem for travel and a $100,000 discretionary fund for his necessities, along with the entitlement of paid “water & power.” He ALLEGEDLY “committed a crime purchasing First Class Tickets for him & wife and FRAD by asking for refunds when he had a per diem, he ALLEGEDLY refused to use his Discretionary Fund to pay for CUC work done at his home, and he ALLEGEDLY manipulated his CUC payments to cover the water and power for family members.  This is WHY the Governor & Lt. should be required to live at the homes provided by the Government or foot-their-OWN bills if they want to stay at home — no exceptions. WE the People can only say he’s GUILTY and should RESIGN given the PROOF we have seen!

But people are still forgiving him before the Legislative & Court Processes have been completed in denial and claiming “innocent until proven guilty.”  Well for me, what we have been seeing with our own eyes is whole-LOT-of-GUILT! It is so sad that the Governor is putting people on the spot, especially Mr. Camacho who is not an elected official. I’m sure Mr. Camacho would have tried to help any Governor in “good-faith” but he wasn’t dealing with a Governor he could trust. He let that “boyish and soft-spoken persona” fool him and ended up on the hot-seat.  But keep-up the good job Mr. Camacho as I’m sure you will be even BETTER from all of this.

The two cash payments (5,000 & 6,000 plus) made by the Governor to CUC to pay his bill appears to be “money laundering” because it doesn’t make ANY sense at all for the Governor to do that. 1. ALL of the Governor’s utilities are PAID-FOR him by the Government so why even pay it. Why would anyone in their right mind get 11,000 in CASH just to take it to CUC instead of using their “check-book or Credit Card? 3. The Governor ALLEGEDLY “cleaned he money” by immediately ask for a “reimbursement”?  But I guess WE the People are ALLEDGEDLY stupid when it comes to this Governor and his shenanigans.

Readers really need to check-out Mr. Camacho’s testimony because it truly proves a lot about the Governor’s shenanigans. There was even a 99,000 bill that was just forgiven, except for 11,000 that the Governor’s brother Jack still owes CUC that I will be tracking. The Governor was soooo cheap he didn’t pay the 287.00 for the Batteries on HIS generator and which he could have done with his discretionary fund.  The Governor had one month’s bill for 16,949.45 with 14,000 plus in water that’s more than MHS’ water use for an entire year.  I could go on and on with the Governor’s shenanigans but readers really need to see the Hearing for themselves on YouTube.  One People One Direction.

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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