DEAR Federal Bureau of Investigation:

The People of the CNMI have been waiting patiently over two years for you to make arrests and conduct a trial for the Governor and his alleged crew in the RICO Case. The people have a reasonable expectation that something would come of the RICO Investigation given a Federal Judge did sign-off on search warrants that are based on facts of possible crimes. There is also the fact that WE the People can no longer depend upon our AG and Public Auditor to take the appropriate actions to hold the Governor accountable which means the FBI may be our only hope for legal accountability.

Heck, the Governor is feeling so defiant that he has announced his intent to run for office in the face of your RICO Investigation and in the face of a House Investigation that clearly proves the Governor has been breaking our laws. The Governor has even misused “Federal Funds” by purchasing products for the pandemic at double and even three times the prices that you can purchase the same items at Walmart.  The Governor was clearly contributing to “a price-gouging scheme” using Federal funds, which is just one example of WHY our House of Representatives needed to budget the Stimulus Funds but were blocked by the Governor.

I am asking and even pleading with you (the FBI) to expedite the completion of your RICO Investigation of the Governor & Crew on behalf of literally thousands of voters who want to see this Governor in jail where he obviously belongs.  There is also entirely toooo many voters who think what the Governor has been doing and is still doing is OK when it’s not and the only means for putting an end to it is through Federal Prosecution, because our own Judges in our Justice System have their Hands literally tied behind their backs because the AG nor the Public Auditor will present a case.

It is truly time to put an end to the RICO Investigation to give the People of the CNMI a definitive resolution to our Laws and Federal Laws being manipulated and even broken with impunity by the Governor. There are thousands of us who have seen ENOUGH and want to see an end to this never-ending manipulation of our Government and Federal Funds by the Governor as our only options are Federal Intervention and/or Electoral Intervention of “firing the Governor and his crew.”  But WE the People shouldn’t have to wait until 2022 when there is a two-year old LIVE RICO Investigation that needs to be completed and prosecuted. It is truly TIME to either prosecute the Governor and his Crew or tell us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats that you are not going to prosecute so WE the People can begin preparing to FIRE them ourselves.

The Governor is going to continue manipulating the Federal Funds and using the Pandemic FOR his shield to run again that is going to literally FOOL a lot of voters which means the CNMI still has some very perilous Political Days ahead if the FBI doesn’t put an end to it. I’m respectfully asking that the FBI expedite their intentions to end the Political Limbo that has been created by the RICO Investigation, as delaying justice is not right or fair to the People. One People One Direction.

The writer is an economist, political scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), and a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar.




Kagman, Saipan

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