I’m not talking about sweeping and mopping but literally throwing the corrupt GOPs out for the Democrats.  Our leader #45 is now facing an all-time low in the polls and 67% of Americans are totally dissatisfied with the way he handled this pandemic and in the CNMI even without Polls it is common knowledge that our Legislature is just as corrupt as our Governor as they have BOTH been misusing OUR money and had the nerve to tell us the  People literally that “it’s not your business what we did with YOUR money.”

OPINION | Epitaph 154: The President, our Governor & the Feds        

The pending devastation of the Republican Party on the mainland and in the CNMI at virtually the same time is really not a rare thing which history reflects. The “silent majority” have been known to gang-up on the Party in charge due to their UNACCEPTABLE behavior to make a CHANGE for NEW leadership — that’s American Politics.  The recent pardon of Roger Stone by #45 was the last straw for many Republican Senators who will more than likely lose their seats over #45 and their desire to PROTECT him in the impeachment but now they can see he is truly a CROOK with the pardon of a rightfully convicted criminal. The recent move by our Governor to go on what was really a Family Vacation at OUR expense to the N. Islands and seeing a pay raise while others are losing their jobs has also pushed a lot of voters to the OTHER side of the isle in the CNMI to support of our NEW revived and energized Democrat Party.

But it’s really not surprising to see similar effects on the voting public on the mainland and in the CNMI because they are BOTH (#45 & our Governor) using the same “Republican Political Play-book” so the results will virtually be the same. While we are not facing racism to the level we see on the mainland, we are seeing a similar phenomenon called “favoritism & nepotism” continuing in our Government as everyone in the CNMI knows it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know in our GOP Government to get a good Government job — for TRUE! Just as we see #45 using everything that he can to promote his re-election even at the expense of American lives attending his rallies and our Governor is doing everything he can to promote his Party using OUR money because IPI is either dead broke or they are playing broke.

Our Local Democrats are sooooo darn right about “cleaning house” and the need for many voters to “wake-up” because the CNMI has been going nowhere, quick fast and in-a-hurry. Our Republican’s great casino plan is proving to be “impotent” for our economy and they never had a plan B leaving voters with only one choice for real change and improvements — Democrats. The Governor is trying desperately to “change-the-narrative” and the news cycle with other subject matter but it won’t work because he can’t erase that big casino/hotel in Garapan.

I have quoted Albert Einstein on more than one occasion when he said: “you can’t fix a problem (the casino & our economy) with the same mentality (same Governor and GOP) that caused the problem” and the only resolve for the People is to “clean-house” and elect a super majority of Democrats to our Legislature. If WE the People are to truly clean up the mess our Governor and his fellow Republicans have made of our economy and life for the average person in the CNMI WE the People must CLEAN-HOUSE CNMI. Like any thing that has been cleaned the CNMI will look, feel, smell and even be a lot better off economically and socially with the Democrats in charge of the Legislature. To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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