A WARM, sunny Hafa Adai  [HOFFA-DAY] from Destination  Guam USA!

And thank you for calling the world's  attention  to our Pacific island in your recent video remarks regarding  whether foreign countries  should enjoy the benefits of U.S. taxpayer  dollars. I wholeheartedly  agree that our federal government  should always prioritize  the most pressing interests  of U.S. citizens first and foremost over  and above any aid to nations  abroad.

That is why I extend this personal  invitation  to you to visit Guam, so you can see for yourself how our fellow Americans'  hard-earned  tax dollars are constantly  being reinvested  into this island, to advance U.S. interests.  Your journey of 8,000 miles will be well worth the trip. From the moment  you arrive, you will see firsthand  how Guam is toeing the line and contributing  to the national security  and international  business  success of the United States of America.

Yes, please board the next United Airlines flight from Washington,  D.C. to Los Angeles, then to Honolulu, and finally ride a Boeing 777 to the unincorporated   United States territory of Guam. Come witness  just how carefully we protect  our American borders  (especially during Covid), how proudly patriotic  our people are, and how sacrificially devoted we remain to the protection  of U.S. socioeconomic  and geopolitical advantages  in the Pacific, for the security of the 50 states  and five major territories of our union.

Before you arrive, read about how Guam Gov. Lourdes A. "Lou" Leon Guerrero was presented with the Navy Distinguished  Public Service Award after warmly welcoming the entire crew of the Covid-stricken USS Theodore  Roosevelt aircraft  carrier, so all sailors on board could be quarantined here on island for recovery.

It is a common misconception  that Guam is a foreign country. Yet, our island, our indigenous  CHamoru people, and the melting pot of cultures making up our society have been part of the United States for more than a century, since shortly after Guam was ceded to the U.S. from Spain at the Treaty of Paris in 1898.

Today, Guam hosts several American military bases, including Andersen Air Force Base in the north, Naval Base Guam in the south, and the Guam National Guard Readiness  Center in the middle of the island. These and other local installations  support  Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, and Coast Guard activities.

Situated  near the 13th parallel north of the equator,  directly between  Tokyo and Melbourne, Guam is home to nearly 170,000 people, including 12,000 uniformed  servicemembers   of the U.S. armed forces and their families. By the time it reaches full capacity, Guam's brand-new  Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz in Dededo Village will welcome an additional  5,000 rotational  troops, plus thousands  of dependents  and civilian employees.

Before the pandemic, Guam was annually welcoming more than 1.6 million visitors, who collectively paid billions of dollars in taxable revenue  every year for vacation getaways and business  outings to "Destination  Guam USA," a unique tropical slice of American freedom, dubbed "America in Asia."

Often described  as "the Tip of the Spear" in military parlance,  Guam is an integral  component  of allied U.S. force realignment  priorities  now guiding the United States Inda-Pacific Command Area of Responsibility, headquartered   at Pearl Harbor. Guam's strategically  critical geographic location and advantageous  geophysical features  make it a mission-critical  bastion  of American national  security, a U.S. hub for transpacific communication,  and the furthest  westward expansion  of freely-elected  American government.

The government  of Guam and the CHamoru people are committed  to championing  U.S. policy objectives and American diplomacy throughout  the Western  Pacific. Likewise, Guam is a polestar  of U.S. law, certified  English-language  instruction,  and certified U.S.-degree learning  that integrates internships,  regional student  exchange, and on-the-job  training  in the best traditions  of American education.

And in the spirit of American independence,  the tens of thousands  of U.S. citizens residing  in Guam hold and express  a variety of political opinions, which afford healthy checks and balances, deliberate due process, and the ready redress  of grievances — all  under the rule of American constitutional  law.

In further  demonstration   of Guam's commitment  to American principles,  our island's  rate of military enlistment  leads the nation, with as many as 14 people per 10,000 joining the armed  forces and as much as 7.9 percent  of the island's  entire population  being U.S. veterans.  Fully 70 U.S. servicemembers from Guam perished  fighting communism  in the Vietnam War.

While the payment  of American foreign aid certainly  does buy the United States critical advantages  in the balance of power across  the globe, our priority as citizens must always be to improve  the vital interests  of Americans, for the betterment of the lives of our people towards  a more perfect union.

Although local opinions  on Guam's territorial  status vary, I am convinced  that you will never, in all your live long days, meet another  people prouder  of their American heritage, following your trip. Until then, I  encourage  you to reach out to your proudly American colleague in the U.S. House of Representatives,  Congressman  Michael F.Q. San Nicolas of Guam. Together, may you begin a fruitful dialog on all the wonderful  ways Georgia and Guam might synergize to afford fresh opportunity  to a people separated  by thousands  of miles but united by common citizenship.

Please let me know, however,  I can be of assistance  from this point forward, Congresswoman  Greene. Again, many thanks  for your passionate  devotion  to the American causes of peace, freedom, and prosperity!

A former governor of Guam, Carl T. C. Gutierrez is president  and CEO of the Guam Visitors Bureau; chairman of the Guam Governor's  Economic Strategy Council; and permit czar of government  of Guam departments  and agencies.

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